Story #15 Anjana

Our seniors in India said: you’re gonna have the best time of your life

  • 22.09.16

Anjana is second year student Hotel Management in India, Bangalore and this is her #NHTVstory:

”The exchange program between my college in India and NHTV is been there for quite a few years. I am studying hotel management back in India and I am doing my second year now. I came here with three other people from my class and I got selected for this program. Now I am doing an exchange program at NHTV for one semester, Hotel Management.

A lot of students have come to NHTV and it has got a brilliant reputation. We asked our seniors and they said; ”Oh, you’re going to have the best time of your life. It is the certificate that you’ll get in the end and if you will it is going to be good for getting a job but don’t look at that, just go. It is going to be something so different in terms of education, the people, the culture, the food, the weather, everything is going to be very different.”  So, we only heard good things about NHTV. To be honest, we didn’t hear anything bad.

It was more than a warm welcome here, the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) was such a good help to us. The ESN is a student organization for all Erasmus students. The interaction with NHTV began when students started contacting us, while we were still in India. They said: ”If you want a buddy, just let us know. And let us know when you will arrive, the time and date and we will pick you up.” As soon as we reached Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, I got a message from two of them. I came together with one girl, the students came and they picked us up. They took care of our luggage and they had an OV-chipcard so we could travel by public transport. It was just like tak-tak-tak and it was done.

Especially for Hotel Management they teach us a lot of management subjects, both here in Breda and in India. So I don’t see a lot of different things, but there is a difference in the approach. Over here in Breda, the assignments are more structured and everything is online. Even in a classroom I think it is more online, you just use your laptop and log in. What I think is good about NHTV, is that it is a good mixture of a typical study environment, as well as an informal setting. All the equipment that is necessary for a college is available, there is a good study environment, but it is also more connected in comparison to India I think. The students here do have a good mix. India is a little bit more old school. Even now, we stick to notebooks there, even more than laptops. It is not that common.

The city of Breda is quiet and it is so clean. These are the first things that I noticed. It is so beautiful in a way that is completely different from India. India in general is so different because there are so many more people in India, it is crowded.The way of living is different. But there are similarities also, like in the center, there is so much life and activity. We went to carnival and it was just like a parade in India, it was so nice.”

It is the same thing, yet it is different, but it is the same thing.