Story #9 Chiara

After I went out the building, I had stars in my eyes

  • 14.09.16

Chiara Tringali is first year student visual arts and this is her #NHTVStory:

”I just turned 20, I am from Italy and I came to the Netherlands last year, because I got to know of NHTV thanks to an open day which I luckily attended. After I went out this building, after the opening night I had stars in my eyes because I really found what I really wanted to study and that was amazing.

I’m studying visual arts and I am currently a first year student. We study CGR (Computer Generated  Rendering) and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) so we model 3D objects in Maya and we also have drawing classes and a lot of workshops. Currently the other students study other interests such as virtual reality. What I really enjoy at this university is that we can cooperate with different disciplines. During different blocks of the year, we have personal projects that we have to finish and also team projects that we have to accomplish. So we see our products come to life after eight weeks of work and it is really rewarding.

This university is really specialized in what I wanted to do; computer graphic animation. Compared to other universities this is really specific, other than more general of having to study a bit of programming or fine arts. I really wanted to see the product of what I was doing. With CGI we can reach so many different people who have a lot of different interests. For example for children we can make games that educate them or can help them make subjects more interesting for them. Or for example we can reach young adults, starting middle school or high school; with games we can help them escape their reality but also educate them with positive messages. The power of CGI and games is amazing and it is going to expand a lot. I really hope that elderly people, older people, will accept this area, this field of work as an actual job. Because I hear that many people (also actually young persons), don’t feel like cartoons and games are real jobs. We hustle to make good quality products and we will leave a mark in peoples’ minds. Not only games, but also movies, think about Pixar, which everybody knows. Everything is a message, it is fantastic.

I wanted to leave a positive mark on this world and I think that through this medium of CGI and animation I can really do that.

My family was tired of Italy and my parents wanted to give me and my sister better opportunities. The Netherlands is in the center of Europe; everybody speaks English and there a lot of interesting educational places. So that is why we started to look in The Netherlands for a possibility to go to and I never regret it. So far it is going great. I met interesting people and I was never bullied because I come from Sicily. I never once have been told ‘oh, Sicily, the mafia’. People in the Netherlands are really open to foreign people.

It might be surprising but in my education, in the course that we have, it is not that there a too many boys or too many girls. We are mixing. We are balanced and we treat each other equally. We all respect each other. For example in my case, we are artists and we respect each other’ s opinions. Of course we need to cooperate, but we have to balance each other to get the greatest outcome.

I want to work at Pixar animation studios and I feel like this education can prepare me for that, we still have to see this of course. We have teachers who come from really interesting things, for example Andrew Paquette, who worked at Spacejam or Spiderman. We have also Ronny Franken who is a technical expert in the gaming industry and we also have an animation teacher who worked on Pocahontas. So I am with the right people, I learn from the right people and it’s great. I feel this is good for me. It makes you understand how much a person can learn and can do; if you really want something you can learn it. And this is what I learned from NHTV.

If you want something you learn it and you get it. It’s a cycle that works.