Story #50

NHTV Breda is celebrating its 50th anniversary with #NHTVstories!

  • 01.09.16

NHTV Breda is celebrating its 50th anniversary
Half a century of NHTV – that is something we can all be proud of. This not only applies to the current crew of the university of applied sciences in Breda, but especially also to all graduates, all former members of staff, and the business partners of NHTV.  We have all experienced the journey differently and taken our own interpretation from it.

What has the journey given you?
That is what we want this blog to exhibit. You will find stories of NHTV students and staff about friendships for life, memorable moments, hilarious study trips, and wise life lessons. Which adventures did the people of NHTV have all across the globe? Who did they meet? What expectations did they have before they started their adventures? Did their dreams come true? Did your dream come true?

On this blog we would like to share memories with each other
From the 1st of September every day a unique story will be shared on this blog. You are more than welcome to share your story with us. 
This may be a photo with a catchy quote, a video, a fragment from a travel journal, or a short story. It would be great if you joined in! Please send your story, photo, quote or video to

You can tell your story in Dutch or in English – the choice is yours. Both languages will be used on the blog, in line with what’s common practice at NHTV. Please make sure that your story is 500 words maximum and contains at least 1 photo or video (maximum of 3).  Moreover, you are kindly requested to incorporate the following statement in your story: ‘I give permission for my story/photos/videos being used for NHTV’s publication/promotion purposes.’

Now let’s celebrate the 50th anniversary!