Story #16 René

In fact you could say you only need NHTV for future Facility Managers

  • 23.09.16

René de Vos is director operations of Safire Services and this is his #NHTVStory:

”Safire Services is a company founded about seven years ago. We are responsible for the whole NHTV building and all the facilities within; from catering, landscaping, plantscaping, cleaning and also the building and environmental side.

Sometimes I say ‘DBFMO’  meaning Design, Building, Finance, Maintain and Operate, is the Champions League on Facility Management. Because everything has to be in order of the output specifications. And when we look at the education, NHTV is one of the main players in the Netherlands I believe so. In 2007, I was asked by a former lecturer to do the assessments at NHTV and from there on I did it several times a year with great pleasure. First it was in Dutch and then NHTV started in English, also the assessments. And in that way, there comes the difficulty. Because you had to collaborate in English and also ask the right questions in English. The depth in questions in English is more difficult for the assessor, but also for the student because sometimes they had a certain trainee period within in a Dutch company.

I must say most of NHTV students speak English very well, sometimes it is their native language. That is also the international character of  NHTV and all the compliments to them, because it is always a pleasure to do the exams. Students often come from Brabant and the funny thing is: these people from Brabant, don’t want to leave their hometown, so why do they study an international course at NHTV? That is always fascinating me a lot.

The dream of a Facility Manager is to have your own company, to be a director of an organization who gives the right facilities for the right people in the right context with all the experience you can give.

The uniqueness of NHTV is the performance; the way they teach their students in an environment that is different from a school environment. They learn more practical things and they learn how to manage each other. It is not really a school or a student class; it is a learning environment in different settings. That’s very appealing. So I would really recommend everybody who wants to get into this job, to look at NHTV.

I also think there are too many institutes of these kind of educational senders. It could be reduced, because every year quite a number of 100 students are coming from a Facility Management institute, but we don’t need that many in the practice.”

In fact you could say you only need NHTV. That’s nice.