Story #26 Silke

The ‘app queen’ amongst my friends; I want to try everything my students show me

  • 07.10.16

Silke Regel is lecturer at the international Media & Entertainment Academy and this is her #NHTVStory:

‘’It started about seven years ago in Munich over a breakfast. I am Silke Regel but we also have another collegue with the same name, Silke Hassreiter and she is a friend of mine for almost 20 years. She came to visit and she already worked here. I was in a job but I was looking for a new challenge and she told me that NHTV was looking for a media content teacher and asked ‘’do you want to give it a try?’’

So I booked a ticket on a Wednesday, I remember that. I flew in on a Thursday. Silke already had arranged an intake interview with me and Frank Peters back then. I got hired, three months later in july I moved to Breda to start a new school year.

Before I worked as a journalist and tv producer, I used to work for ZDF, local tv productions and also some print media, as a reporter, tv journalist and for a very short while also some on camera talent, but mostly behind the camera.

I moved here in july 2009. I am from Bavaria; Munich has beer gardens and this whole culture of sitting outside drinking beer, that ‘Bourgondisch terrasje’ thing, totally works for me. So I thought Breda is a city I could live in. I like that.

Breda brought me a completely new perspective. I did not expect to like teaching so much. First of all I found a new take on my job because I am lucky; I can teach something I am passionate about. I love tv production, I love journalism and my courses reflect that. I like the energy our students give me. I have a lot of inspiring idealistic students who constantly also give me new input. When you do a certain job for a long time; there is a point where you think it works this way, I have experienced it this way and it is good that way. And then you come about ‘’let’s just do it another way’’, and you think, ‘’let’s do it another way’’ and suddenly you are in new media and new apps. I find this incredibly inspiring and I am NHTV very grateful for that opportunity.”

Amongst my friends I am the ‘app queen’ and I  want to try everything my students show me.