Story #34 Thomas

The Netherlands is pretty international but NHTV makes it even more international

  • 19.10.16

Thomas Habedank is fourth year student Media and Entertainment Management and this is his #NHTVStory:

I was looking for a study where I could find myself at. Basically I was looking trough the internet from Germany for possibilities to study abroad as well. Somehow I ended up at the NHTV website, I saw the IMEM programme and saw exactly what I wanted to study and what I wanted to do later on in my life, at just one website. I definitely had to try to apply. I had only eight days left to write my motivation letter and I was really hoping to get accepted because it sounded really awesome. And I got accepted.

It is fantastic to be part of this whole international experience. I really started to appreciate the international vibe NHTV has. Of course I am in The Netherlands, but The Netherlands itself is pretty international and NHTV makes it again even more international. I think I really understood where I got myself into when I was in my third year going to the island of Curacao and later on having an exchange in Korea, which I never thought it would be possible and that I could do something like that. NHTV kind of helped me to do that while following the study International Media and Entertainment Management what I really wanted to do. NHTV is part of my life because I spend four years here and it was an awesome time. It has been four happy years and I am kind of sad that it is ending, but I’m also curious about what’s going to happen now.

There are so many nice and exciting projects I did, but the project that really stuck with me was the one we did in Arizona. We created a live show for a programme at the university television that was also live broadcasted in Northern Arizona and it keeps repeating stories of NHTV once in a while. A few weeks ago it was exactly two years ago that we broadcasted it the first time and I think they re-broadcasted the show, because suddenly our Facebook page got more likes and we did not do anything. So somebody watched it over there and liked it. It is not hugh, but it is live and watched by people.

It was a super exciting adventure because I was the executive producer and organizing everything; being really part of the production team and making sure that we get everything done on deadline. The adrenaline when you see the few seconds popping up before you go live, is something that you can not put into words unless you actually experience that. NHTV is now even expanding it, you have now possibilities for England to do that and there is also Hilversum. I am happy to know that a lot of people will have this possibility as well. It is not that easy to get into that job when you don’t have experience; you need to have done things to be good at this kind of job.

In total we created four shows at Flagstaff, and also two in Hilversum. It was exciting to see how our other friends did on the show and how they were dealing with marketing, problems of funding and all those kind of things. It was really exciting and that was just the second year, normally I would expect to have done this as a graduate.

I really started to like The Netherlands a lot so I am looking for possibilities to stay in The Netherlands as well, but I really would like to focus more on the job that I was studying. It is going to be either something in production or in gaming in a marketing direction. This is ofcourse a little big difficult because BeNeLux is ofcourse in Dutch and I have learned some Dutch right here but it is not fluent.

I have to see if I have to find an international company or go back to Germany and work there for a company. But both is just equally awesome because I have never thought I would get there.